Massacred At Wounded Knee

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Massacre at Wounded Knee On December 28, 1890, an event happened which made a strong impact to Native Americans. It was an massacre of Indians done by the whites. 350 Indians include men, women, children were killed. This event started off with the "Ghost Dance" performed by the Indians, permitted by Sitting Bull who was considered a greatest leader of Indians, intimidated the U.S goverment. They think that the ghost dance was an disrupting, creepy sacred ceremony which would bring the spirits of the dead back to life. U.S military forces were immediately sent to stop the ceremony. U.S forces believed that Sitting Bull was the leader of the dance, they decided to arrest him. On December 15, Sitting Bull and some of his troops were murdered by agency police who was sent to arrest him. The reason given for the murder claimed that Sitting Bull had resisted arrest. Some of Sitting Bull followers fled to Big Foot camp. Upon the slain of Sitting Bull, Big Foot's group attempted to flee to Fort Bennet. Upon noticing this, military forces pursued Big Foot's group. Big foot's group was caught during their journey by Major Samuel M. Whitside and the Seventh Calvary. They were forced to withdraw back to the bank of Wounded Knee Creek. At Wounded Knee, as the Indians were helpless, the whites started taking all of their weapons. massacre break out by one of Indian open fired, they believed that it was an accident shot done by a deaf man, Black Coyote, when the soldier was trying to take the gun away from him. Within minutes, gunfire from the military unleashed upon the unarm Indians, they were outnumbered by 500 U.S Soldiers. The U.S soldiers killed many of Indians, then chased after those were running away and killed them relentlessly. After the massacre all that left were corpses of the innocent Indians, buried under the snow after a blizzard swept through on

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