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The Sioux are a Native American tribe and First Nations people. The Sioux or Dakota Indians were a large group of Indians found by the French in 1640, next to the Mississippi River. They occupied large areas coming from the Arkansas River in the south, to the western tributary of Lake Winnipeg. They lived in Great Plains in states such as; North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. The Sioux were also one on the tribes found by Lewis and Clark on their journey. The Sioux lived in Great Plains in states such as; north Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming etc. The Sioux took advantage of available horses that were originally brought to the Americas by Cortez and the Spanish in 1519. The horses were used for mobility to pull their tepees when they traveled and need to hunt buffalo.…show more content…
The boys, girls, men, and women wore their hair long and in braids. They wore strips of leather in their hair to keep it pulled back. The Sioux clothes were made of animal skins, but mostly deer skin. The girls and women would were leggings and dresses. The boys and men would wear deerskin shirts and tight leggings. The Sioux clothes were often decorated with colorful beads and quill embroidery. They would use things such as; feathers, shells, animal claws and teeth, as well as paint in the design and decoration of the clothing. The Sioux live in round tents called, “tipis”. The tipi was made of wooden poles and decorated buffalo hide. The tipi was only the size of one room, and the floor of the tipi would be the ground. The family fire was in the middle of the tent; the tipi could also be packed up and moved easily. When a man would marry a Sioux woman, it was expected that he would move into their

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