Transformative Counselling Encounters

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1 COVER PAGE TRANSFORMATIVE COUNSELLING ENCOUNTERS PYC3705 ASSIGNMENT 01 NAME: STUDENT NUMBER: N.E MATHE 46928553 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION………………………….PAGE 2 ORGANISATIONAL HISTORY AND PROFILE……….PAGE 2 ORGANISATION BACKGROUND……………………….PAGE 2-3 HOW I GOT TO KNOW ABOUT THE ORGANISATION…PAGE 4 MY OBSERVATION ABOUT THE ORGANISATION………PAGE 5 THE ORGANISATION SERVICES, HELPING RELATIONSHIP AND EVIDENCE…PAGE 6 2 INTRODUCTION Lifeline Western Cape is a non-profit organization with over 250 centres in 14 different countries. The organization has just celebrated its 44 th Anniversary having begun its work in Cape Town in 1968. The organization depends on Government funding as well as donations. They employ 85 members of staff consisting of board of directors, Fundraisers, Ceo, professional counselors, social workers, receptionist as well as general workers. 1(a) WHAT ARE THEY ABOUT Lifeline is about professional counseling. It has been on the Micro-Provider listing by the HWSETA as a provider of training in the areas of HIV/AIDS awareness and counseling. They aspire towards instilling growth, hope, nurturing healing and emotional wellness by providing a safe place and hearing the voices of those it serves. The organization journeys with people from all walks of life through the trauma and solutions available to them in mutual quest for a happier life for different people from different backgrounds . Lifeline believes in the need for a service dedicated to the children of our community. No child should be abandoned or neglected in any way. They believe that all children should live without fear, in a safe environment where they are not subjected to abuse or violence in any form. They also understand that childhood and adolescence can be troublesome at times and that children and those who love and care for them are entitled to seek guidance
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