Transformation from a Crazy Scientist to a Loving Hero

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Yuqi Xiao Jacinthe A. Assaad C LIT 240 C Long Essay 1 Feb 28th 2014 Transformation from a Crazy Scientist to a Loving Hero Playing God, Victor had brought his wife back from the dead and he could once again imagine their life together, until the deep mangled voice of the monstrous creature interrupted his passionate fantasy. Although, this gripping and eventful scene was portrayed in the 1994 film Frankenstein, this event did not happen in Mary Shelley's version of the novel. In fact, many scenes in the movie were completely different from the one written in the original book. For example, the death of Frankenstein’s mother; Robert Walton’s personalities and the relationship between Victor and Elizabeth. The film makers that created the movie version of Frankenstein not only added scenes, but also extended some inventive scenes written by Mary Shelley. The film did not sabotage the entire plot of the actual book, but made the storyline more exciting and compelling for viewers. In the novel, Victor is a simply an ambitious Scientist. The purpose of creating the monster is only to gain respect and reputation as a creator. However, those scenes which were added or modified in the film not only helped building a new model of Victor Frankenstein, but also add meaning to Victor Frankenstein’s motivation of creating the monster. These scenes directly or indirectly make Victor’s figure much more heroic than that in novel. In the novel, Victor’s mother Caroline Frankenstein is a loving and caring woman. She took Elizabeth into Frankenstein’s family as a young child. Caroline believed that it “was more than a duty, it was a necessity, a passion” (Shelley 2) to help the poor and raised Elizabeth. In the film, Caroline is also pictured as a loving lady of the family, but in a more detailed way. In the beginning of the film, Caroline is shown playing and dancing with

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