Toxin By Robin Cook Character Analysis

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Have you ever had the urge to want to know something so bad it almost kills you or go to jail? In the Novel Toxin, by Robin Cook, a character named Dr. Kim Reggis does that. His daughter name Becky dies from bacteria named e-coli and Kim and his ex-wife Tracy go to the extreme to find out where their daughter case of e coli came from. However Kim’s actions in the Novel are just for the good of wanting to know where his daughter got e coli from. The character Dr. Kim Reggis acted impatient when he wanted to know what was wrong with Becky. For example when he was in the waiting room with his ill daughter him being impatient caused him to be become very upset. When he went to the counter to see if he could get his daughter in to see a doctor sooner and was told that he had to wait just as long as the other people in the waiting room he said “I’m going to complain about that woman. Kim said 65”. Kim thought that since he was a doctor there he could get special treatment. Kim’s actions to the woman at the front start to make his ex-wife worry about his temper. With Kim’s reactions of him being impatient doesn’t really help him or Becky when he was in the room with Dr. Morgan. When he went to talk to Dr. Morgan he couldn’t control his temper “what the hell is it Dr. Morgan (Kim spat 56)”. Kim not thinking of his actions gets him into more trouble. He is just being to curious and as a doctor he should be able to handle this better and not freak out on other doctors. Kim wanting to know what the test results are rune…show more content…
He goes to the Onion Ring to get some patty’s and ends up in jail for hitting the manager. This just shows that he will go to extreme measures to find out what is wrong with his daughter. Kim is just an ordinary parent who loved his daughter and cared for her. Work Cited Cook, Robin. (1998). Toxin. The Berkley Publishing Group, New York; New
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