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Learning from Other’s Mistakes Learning from one's own mistakes and the errors of others can be a useful tool in avoiding the consequences of poor judgement in one's life. In Sophocles’ play, Antigone, Kreon could have used this tool, but chose not to with disastrous results. Kreon took over the throne after Oedipus was banished. While ruling, Kreon is faced with an issue of burying two bodies, both are his nephews. Both died in war, but one, Eteocles, died for Kreon’s kingdom and the other, Polynices, for the enemy. Kreon chose to leave Polynices to rot and bury Polynices (41). The gods did not approve of this and Kreon knew this from the same prophet Oedipus chose to ignore. There are many similarities…show more content…
When Kreon was faced with the decision of what to do with the bodies he ignored what the gods and family wanted. They wanted both bodies to be buried, even though one was for the enemy. Kreon states, “An enemy is not a friend, even in death (54).” This is referring to Polynices being dead and Kreon states this while arguing with Antigone about burying Polynices. Antigone makes the argument that the gods want the body to be buried and they do not care whether it is for good or bad, they believe everybody deserves a proper burial. Kreon disagrees with this saying, “But good and bad should not share them equally (54).” He disagrees with Antigone and the gods because he believes only the good should be…show more content…
Eurydice, Kreon’s wife, overheard the messenger talking to Kreon about something evil that had happened in the house, but she did not know that the evil was her son’s death (81). After hearing the news of her son she left and went into the palace with her maids. She said nothing when she left and this left Kreon and the messenger suspicious. The messenger left to check things out and came back saying, “Your wife is dead—in truth the mother of this corpse—unhappy woman, killed just now by fresh-struck blows (86).” Kreon was deeply hurt by this and realized the terrible things his actions have brought upon

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