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Tourism Industry in Maldives Tourism as a whole is regarded in Sharply n Telfer, 2002 as, ‘Tourism, frequently referred to as ‘the world’s largest industry’, is big business.’ The Republic of Maldives or Dhivehi Rajje’, (the land of the Dhivehi people) is a nation of islands looping the equator, at the centre of the Indian Ocean. It is a natural paradise, a world of intensely simple beauty, a place that will captivate the mind and rest the human spirit. The Maldives is that sort of place fascinating for some, frustrating for others. When the very first airport was made in “Hulhule”, some U.N experts arrived Maldives to look into the feasibility of tourism in Maldives. U.N experts concluded in 1966 that there was no future for tourism in the country. Then in 1971 Geoge Corbin, an Italian interested about Maldives met with a Maldivian named Ahmed Naseem .Their efforts resulted the arrival of first tourist groups to Maldives. Now Maldives is a renowned tourist destination world-wide, entered the tourism industry with very humble beginnings in the 1970s Tourism is the largest economic industry in the country, since it plays a vital role in earning foreign exchanges to the country. Even though some disadvantages are there in tourism, there also happens to have wide range of advantages to it. It opens a market for traditional handicrafts and this provides the islanders with a suitable wage to get-by. It also provides numerous job opportunities to the Maldivians who work in this particular industry directly and indirectly. Like the people working in islands. The archipelago of the Maldives is the one basis as to why many tourists are attracted to visit the Maldives. For its natural glory, Maldives has been known and talked about in different parts of the world. Its emerald green specks enveloped by alluring turquoise waters like scattered beads in the

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