To What Extent Has the Contribution of Martin Luther King to the Advancement of Black Americans Between 1954 and 1968 Been Exaggerated?’

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History Practice Controlled Assessment: ‘To what extent has the contribution of Martin Luther King to the advancement of black Americans between 1954 and 1968 been exaggerated?’ On 6th December 1865, the 13th amendment to the American Constitution was passes, leading to the abolition of slavery. However whilst slavery was abolished, the black people of America still faced harsh racism and had very little rights. During the period of 1954-1968, many people were campaigning for an advancement of black Americans. These people wanted equal civil rights for blacks as white Americans had. One such person was Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was a renowned Black civil rights campaigner who played a part in several major campaigns such as The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the events that took place in Birmingham in 1963. He helped to get Black Americans equal civil and voting rights. However he was not the only person to help the advancement of black Americans. There were many other civil right groups such as SNCC, who helped organise The Sit-ins of 1960; NAACP, who also aided The Montgomery Bus Boycott; and The Black Panthers, a more Militant group whose main cause was to empower Black people. It is my opinion that whilst Martin Luther King played a significant part in the black civil rights campaign, the other Civil Rights groups should not be ignored for the part they played. Martin Luther King was a key figurehead in the advancement of black Americans. He was known around the World for taking part in several Civil Rights campaigns. He was a highly intelligent man, coming from a higher-class background. He is well known for his colloquial skills. His speeches clearly expressed the feelings of Blacks in America, and this would aid him over the next twelve and a half year. Martin Luther King also preached a philosophy of non-violence. He implored those who wished to
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