To Waht Extent Was England Dominated by the Fear of Spain

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To What extent was England dominated by the fear of Spain and the serving of Spanish interests When considering whether England served Spanish interests it is important to remember that England and Spain shared common interests primarily in security and religious causes. However the view of Historians on whether we were fearful of them and therefore dominated by them is split. While it is true that this may have been Phillips intention as can be seen by the pressure to attack FRANCE? And his influence over the massive expanditure of the Navy ultimately England only acted when it served their own interests so coupled with the fact the marriage treaty was favourable to England if anything Spain served Englands interest. There is evidence to suggest that when the marriage between Mary and Phillip was proposed in 1553 people were fearful it would lead to Spanish domination. Mary was a woman and so people believed that as a man Phillip would be able to dominate her decisions. Mary received a petition against it and some historians suggest it was the cause of Wyatts rebellion. There was a great fear that Engand would be dragged into the Hapsburg-Valois wars which would drain England economically. However in 1553 when Mary proposed the marriage treaty England was economically drained and therefore vulnerable. An alliance with wealthy Spain served Englands interests in protecting it from France. It was also crucial to Mary's ultimate aim of making England catholic again. She was aware she needed a catholic heir if her changes to England were to stick. Charles could provide that. Furthermore the marriage treaty itself was beneficial to England as it was drawn up by Gardiner who was suppicous of the marriage. There was a possibility of an English empire in Europe as their child would inherit the Netherlands and England. If England were attacked by France Spain would
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