Should the Defeat of the Armada Be Rewritten?

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Should the Defeat of the Armada be rewritten? I think the defeat of the armada should be rewritten because when we are told about the battle, the English are very biased on our own side and we only say the story from an English perspective. The Spanish Armada was a large fleet of ships sent to England from Spain in 1588, with the intention of conquering England. In this essay I will explain why the armada happened and why it failed. It was King Philip II that sent the Spanish armada to conquer England. Philip did this for many reasons. The first reason it that Elisabeth had made Phillip angry by refusing his marriage proposal and just by being protestant but the thing that made Philip sent the armada was that Elisabeth was funding the protestant rebellion. All of these made the one big reason for Philip to send the armada. To prepare for the armada many things had to happen. Philip sent agents to Germany and Italy to buy cannons, armour, gunpowder, swords, and all other weapons of war. However, more than just weapons were needed. Enough food had to be supplied for six months. Eleven million pounds of biscuits, 600,000 pounds of salt pork, 40,000 gallons of olive oil, and 14,000 barrels of wine were but a part of the necessities for a force of over 30,000 men. When both the Spanish and the English were sailing down the English Channel the both came across the problem of a low tide. This caused some ships to get damaged. Also when both ships were sailing down there were terrible storms which made it hard to sail
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