To Kill a Mockingbird- Attitudes in the Trial

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How does the trial help to reveal attitudes within Maycomb? Maycomb lives on racial prejudice and Lee bases the trial in order on this to show the injustice of the racism which African American people went through in the nineteenth and twentieth century’s. Using Atticus as a white lawyer defending a Negro presents the attitudes of Maycomb from a perspective of their own, in which they believe is the superior race. However Lee uses Atticus’s character in order to reveal these attitudes that Maycomb have and similarly this reflects upon the attitudes that Southern America had also during the time of the Jim Crow Laws. It is hard to state in particular to why Maycomb holds such ideas towards Black people, but Lee blames this to the conditions of the country and how it influenced each and every citizen present at the time. Lee gives her opinions through Atticus as he states on Page 98, chapter 9, ‘’Why reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a negro comes up is something I don’t pretend to understand’’. It is quite plain what Atticus means when he says the he doesn’t ‘’pretend to understand’, this shows how Atticus responds away from the norm of the society towards the racism and is actively against it, and is also one of the reasons to why he defends Tom Robinson in the first place, other than ‘it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird’ the metaphorical term for the innocent Tom. It is further evident in chapter 16, page 176, what was meant by ‘’people go stark raving mad when anything

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