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LAB 1 NAME: Amy Rampersad. DATE: Saturday 7th April, 2012. TITLE: PREPARATION OF A SOLUBLE SALT BY A TITRATION METHOD. AIM: To prepare Sodium Chloride crystals by Titration of Sodium Hydroxide with Hydrochloric Acid. APPARATUS: Burette (50 cmᶾ), Pipette (25 cmᶾ), two conical flasks (250 cmᶾ), two beakers (250 cmᶾ), funnel, wash bottle, retort stand, boss and clamp, evaporating dish, pipette filler, hot-plate. MATERIALS: Approximately 2.0 mol dmˉ³ hydrochloric acid, 1.0 mol dmˉ³ sodium hydroxide, methyl orange indicator. METHOD: 1. Firstly, the burette was rinsed with a little hydrochloric acid and filled up to just above the zero mark. 2. In order to eliminate any air trapped in the jet, the hydrochloric acid was allowed to run out and the burette was refilled to above the zero mark. 3. The tap of the burette was then opened to allow the acid to run out until the bottom of the meniscus was just on the zero mark when viewed at eye level. 4. Any hanging drop was removed from the jet, and the sodium hydroxide was then drawn up using the pipette, to above the graduation mark and allowed to run into the sink. This process was the rinsing of the pipette. 5. Sodium hydroxide was again drawn up using the pipette, to above the graduation mark, where the meniscus was allowed to fall until the bottom of it was rested on the graduation mark when viewed at eye level. 6. The sodium hydroxide was then run from the pipette into a conical flask where after all the liquid had run out, the tip of the pipette was touched against the bottom of the flask and withdrawn soon after. This was then repeated with the second conical flask. 7. Two drops of methyl orange indicator was then placed into each flask, and the titration of each flask against the hydrochloric acid from the burette began. The burette readings from the titration

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