Tim Hortons Coffee History

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| | INTRODUCTION Background Information As one of the oldest coffee shops atop Burnaby Mountain, Renaissance coffee has played strong role in shaping SFU’s history. Now, after fourteen years in operation, the company has opened three coffee shops, and continues to build its reputation as a leader in the SFU Burnaby community. The coffee company actively participates in graduation ceremonies, and gives back to SFU in the forms of a Bursary Fund and a yearly Community Service Award. Never serving a cup of coffee that he himself would not drink, owner Parminder Singh Parhar is able to main a great customer…show more content…
The customers can be classified into two kinds: the long-standing customers like residents and faculties, and temporary customers like students and visitors. In September 2009, Tim Hortons will open up its first store in the West Mall Complex (WMX) of SFU, replacing Raven's Cafe and Chartwells. Tim Hortons is a fast-serve coffee franchise that serves coffee, espresso products, cold beverages, sweets such as donuts, and breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The company’s quality products, combined with a strong reputation for service and reliability, allow them to attract and maintain a large and loyal customer base nationwide. Although Tim Hortons and Renaissance Coffee operate in different segments of the coffee market, and differ strongly from atmosphere and business structure, to product quality and product pricing, Renaissance's sales level may still be strongly affected by this opening. This issue is worsened by the fact that Tim Hortons is already highly popular off campus; students familiar and loyal to the brand may automatically be inclined to take their business from Renaissance to Tim…show more content…
In order to ensure the respondents accurately represented the SFU student body, we attempted to choose participants who were diverse in gender, faculty, nationality and year of study. This proved to be highly beneficial to the discussion, as it stimulated the exploration of ideas and topics that we had initially overlooked. This exploratory research refined the areas of investigation most beneficial to Renaissance, particularly key factors that affect food and drink choices, as well as to gain ideas and insights into Renaissance’s current brand perception and loyalty. From here, we were able to generate hypotheses about the following categories: a) Coffee Consumption Habits - Students consume the most coffee during exam week and lecture break. b) Factors Influencing Purchase Decisions - Students feel that price is the single most important factor when deciding where to purchase food or beverages. - Students only willing to pay a little premium price for Organic Coffee. c) Knowledge about and Attitude towards Renaissance - Students feel that Renaissance offers high quality food and beverages. - Students who loyal to Renaissance have low probability switching to Tim Hortons. d) Improvements to

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