Through the Tunnel

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“Through the Tunnel” “Through the Tunnel” it has written by Donis Lessing. She was born on October 22, 1919. This story is about a boy called Jerry whose father has died. While his mother and he are on vacations at the seashore. Jerry is An English boy that is eleven-years-old. As we can see the “human experience” consists of many facets and aspects. It can be classify as life itself. In the short story “Through the Tunnel” we examined these aspects. They are psychological, physiological, mental/emotional, and spiritual. As I’ve been exploring the relationship between these aspects with the theme of the short story of internal and external conflict. And according to its definition, we find that conflict is the struggle between two opposing forces or two elements or ideas struggling for mastery within a person. Jerry and his mother have left England to visit a seaside route they have visited in the past. As they walked to the crowded beach on the first morning of their vacation, Jerry paused at the path to a wild, rocky bay area nearby. His mother stopped him to wait for her, while the young boy kept extending among the bay area. Despite the fact his mother was no longer with him. He suddenly looked some boys arriving toward him in the rocky bay. Then, as he looked them they were swimming he enjoyed to them. While the biggest boy dived into the water and stays under for a long time, but psychological Jerry torn seemed worry about him and he gave a yell of it. None of the other boys seemed concern about it. The boy finally came up on the other side of a large rock. Then all of the boys dived in. As Jerry continued diving with the boys, he tried to cross underwater like the swimmers did; as he was diving with them underwater, suddenly he saw a black wall of rock looming at him. He touched it and bounced it at once to the surface. After that, he understood

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