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The Human Body's Hidden Defense Mechansim Essay

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JuanCarlos Martinez
Professor Coombes
English 120
November 23, 2013
The Human Body’s Hidden Defense Mechanism
Every summer, JuanCarlos Martinez goes out to the beach with his friends and family members. Every summer they hold a breath holding contest. This summer Juan decided that the time had come for him to take the crown home. He was determined to hold his breath the longest. He won but passed out, and somehow started breathing again.
Juan may have not known this, but his body just defended itself without him being conscious. This process is known as the human body’s hidden defense mechanism. Most people may not realize many this, but the human body protects itself instinctively. This mechanism can also be described as the human body’s instantaneous reactions. The human body always adapts to the outside environment over a long period of time in order to survive. However if the change were to be too dramatic for the body to adapt normally, the human body’s hidden mechanism is activated and springs into action.
What is the human body’s hidden mechanism? Dr. Justin Shorb, a Professor at the University of the Virgin Islands, defined it as “The Human body’s last resort for survival.”. “The human body is like a computer it has many parts and functions. All the functions in a computer are managed by a mother board, while all body functions are managed by the human brain. The human brain may not be one of the body’s toughest muscle, but the importance of the brain is far from the other muscles in the human body.”(Shorb. Personal Interview. 19 Oct 2013.).   One of the most important job that the brain has is to keep the human body alive and also gathering information. Even while a human is doing a task the human brain never stops gathering external and internal information. External information is information that the brain gathers from its surrounding. Internal information is the information the brain gathers from the body itself. These two sets relate to each...

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