Three Types of Policing

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Three types of policing The criminal justice system covers policing, the court systems, and even corrections such as prison, parole, and probation. The first part to this sequence would be the policing aspect. This is where the whole process of the field begins. With out an arrest or citation there would be no one summoned to court or put away to serve time in a county jail, or state/federal prison. There is more than one type of policing used today here in the United States. The first type would be traditional policing. In this form an officer would report to the scene in which a crime occurred. Once the officer got to the scene he would write up a police report and make any arrests that were necessary at the time. When this is completed he would hand in his report and a detective would investigate the incident. The officer would repeat this process throughout his shift. In this type of policing has very little interactions with the civilians of the town/city. Most people do not know who each officer is, making it harder for the community to trust them. In this type of policing there is little being done to prevent the crime. They only respond to a scene once the crime has already been committed and reported. This may not be the best type of policing. Crime prevention is a big part of keeping civilians safe and out of harms way. If there is no one out there preventing crimes from occurring, people are more prone to be injured. the next form of policing is problem solving policing. This types main focus is preventing crimes from occurring in the first place. During the process police analyze the crimes. This helps them find patterns on how certain crimes are committed. Once this is known it makes it a lot easier to identify a crime may occur, and prevent it before the act is carried out. This tends to make it easier for police while on duty. It is
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