Crime Report and Rates Response

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Crime Report and Rates Response Tanya Davis CJS/200 July 20, 2012 Professor: Gary Liar The purpose of major crime reporting programs is to help keep track of crimes that are being committed. These types of programs help report where, when and what types of crimes are or have taken place. May law enforcement agencies use these types of programs to help reduce criminal activities, and also to see if crime rates are decreasing or increasing. In the United States if a crime reporting program is going to be successful; it must be precise. If the data that is being reported is not precise then the program will not be successful. In addition to the accuracy of the reports, all crimes have to be reported. Some cases may not be documented to make a certain division or area to have a low crime rate. Sometimes things like this tend to happen when someone is being put into office. When a crime has been reported into the system it is very difficult to try and take the data out; as a result, sometimes crimes do not get reported. Clearance rates are calculated by separating the number of crimes cleared by the number of crimes reported. These calculations are used by law enforcement groups as a measure of crime activity solved by the police. Crime rate is the percentage of crime in an area to the population of the area. Clearance rates are numbers of cases cleared or closed, crimes are also considered cleared or closed. When situations such as immunity or death can make it hard to make an arrest and if there is no evidence to support a specific charges to make an arrest then the charges will be
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