Those with Power Abuse Those Without It Essay

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Those with power abuse those without it From the richest to the poorest people, many thirst to obtain power whether for good or bad. Power has always been held in high regards in society. Obtaining power allows a person to have authority, the ability to influence and control others. There are many forms of power such as coercion and manipulation that may be abused. However holding power does not mean that it will be abused because it depends on a person’s character. But power can be abused if a person does it in fear or for their own benefit. The novel “Animal Farm” an allegory of the Russian Revolution written by George Orwell demonstrates how power is abused in fear, benefit and for the help of others . Power can be abused for someone’s benefit rather than using it for good. Those with a bad character will abuse power because they are greedy for more power which in turn will benefit only them. In the novel “Animal Farm”, Napoleon initially appeared to be an intelligent pig however he was not a very good speaker. These kinds of traits made him appear weak and timid. However his true character is revealed when he is able to obtain power through the dogs he trained. The dogs chase out Snowball and he assumes leadership in Animal Farm. In regards with this example, it demonstrates that those with a bad character will abuse power once they obtain it. Eventually Napoleon and the pig’s gain more power and this increase their greed for self-benefit. They begin to change the commandments from “No animal shall drink alcohol” to 'No animal shall drink alcohol to excess'. This is all for their benefit and not for the whole of Animal Farm. This idea of abuse of power can be observed in real life such as Adolf Hitler who obtained power and abused it for his own benefit. Therefore it is not holding power that causes a person to abuse it but it is dependent on a person’s

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