Character Analysis in Animal Farm

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English IV – P August 25, 2010 Character Analysis: Animal Farm In George Orwell’s novella Animal Farm, the author’s central characters shape the plot and represent human nature in society in the simplistic version in a farm on the countryside of England. One of the leaders in the farm, Snowball, depicts an idealistic, enthusiastic ruler who tries to create an equal, peaceful society controlled by animals. After the members of the English farm society successfully overthrow the treacherous human farmer, two pigs stand out as the leaders of the group. Snowball and Napoleon look over the well being of the animals and the sustainability of the ranch, but the pigs soon disagree with each other on most topics concerning the farm. The author describes Snowball as “a more vivacious pig” that is “quicker in speech and more inventive” than Napoleon, meaning that Snowball has great speaking skills that help him win the attention and loyalty to his fellow animals and exhibits innovative ideas that may help the farm both economically and socially (Orwell 12). Although Snowball has certain flaws such as allowing the creation of a greatly divided social hierarchy, he attempts to create animal rebellions throughout the countryside in other farms and better living conditions for the animals. However, these qualities fail Snowball and allow Napoleon to take complete control of the farm. When Snowball proposes the idea to create a windmill for electric power to the farm, his speech “conjured up images” in the animals “of fantastic machines which would do their work as they grazed in their fields,” and his words brought “astonishment,” hope, and motivation to work to achieve a dream (35). Snowball tries to use peaceful ways to run the farm, but Napoleon’s brutal, relentless rule proves to prevail after Napoleon commands his secret dog police to chase

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