Thinking Critically Simulation Review: Credenhill's Retail Electronics Store

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Thinking Critically Simulation Review Thinking Critically Simulation Review Credenhill’s retail electronics store has several problems and issues that need to be addressed. Falling sales, city handicapped code violations, and employees leaving to the competitor, to name a few. The simulation required critical thinking skills and techniques. It gave information and options to assess and evaluate the situation and provided decision-making steps to come to a logical solution. Problem evaluation techniques encountered in the simulation included a priority matrix chart, a cause and effect chart including simulated responses to help gauge departmental responses, and a solution comparison list that allows the match of comparisons…show more content…
Without the tools, the learner could easily be confused by the myriad of problems and choices, and being unable to prioritize the issues could lead to faulty business decisions. While a higher level of experience and expertise in both the industry and profession may lower one’s dependence on tools such as these, they are very helpful for beginning managers who have stepped into a new level of authority or moved into a new industry to help recognize what problems are important and need to be dealt with, and the urgency with which to do so. Even as they become more familiar with the problems of their new position, tools such as these will still always be helpful in making sure that, as managers, he or she does not overlook important problems while making surface problems more important than they are, and being able to implement change correspondingly. The desired outcome of the simulation was to give us a taste of management. Specifically we were to focus on improving the stores sales. Store sales were the number one priority. One has to also consider legal issues, employee pay, and inventory. In the simulation one was asked to evaluate the problem, isolate, analyze it and find a suitable solution. In the simulation one was supposed to separate critical issues from non-critical and then rate them based on

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