Things Fall Apart

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1. What were some examples of criminal behavior in the culture? What were some examples of acts that would be criminal in our society, but were not criminal in theirs. In “Things Fall Apart,” their judicial system is completely different than ours today. To start things off, I will be talking about Okonkwo and the examples of criminal behavior that he has committed. Ikemefuna, the doomed young man from Mbaino, was the first killing that Okonkwo committed. Ikemefuna was given to Umuofia from Mbaino along with a young woman to avoid war. The unique thing about this incident is that Okonkwo was not punished. Since the Priestess of the Oracle of the Caves permitted this criminal act, no punishment had to be administered. Another example of criminal behavior in the culture was when Okonkwo disrespected the sacred Week of Peace by beating his second wife, Ojiugo, heavily. Ezeani, the priest of the earth goddess Ani, was the one to deal with Okonkwo. His actions were a great evil to the whole clan and it was said that everything could be jeopardized if the Week of Peace is broken. After this incident, people often said that he was a man with no respect for the gods of the clan. Ogbuefi Ezeudu, who was the oldest man in the entire village, told some visitors that the punishment for breaking the Peace of Ani had become a very mild crime in their clan, but it had no always been this way. Okonkwo committed another crime against the earth goddess Ani when his gun exploded at Ezeudu’s funeral rite accidently killing his sixteen year old son. It was a crime to kill a clansman, a crime that was punished by exile. This situation had two kinds to it, the male and female. Okonkwo had committed the female because it was an accident. He was unable to return to Umuofia for seven years. The last crime Okonkwo commits is taking his own life. This was the greatest abomination to the

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