A Contrast Between Robin Hood And Song Jiang

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A Contrast Between Robin Hood And Song Jiang Speaking of outlaws, a lot of names come to my mind: Liu Xiu, Song Jiang and so on, to just name a few. But I want to say something about Song Jiang and Robin Hood. They have something in common and also have some differences. To start with, let me talk about their common grounds. First, Robin Hood and Song Jiang both lived in a chaotic society. The ruling classes were scraping for the throne. And people’s life were full of hardships. They couldn’t bear the exploitation, so they rose to their feet to fought against the evil forces and to seek for better life and more freedom. Also, There were wars both internal and external. Secondly, Robin Hood was a good man before he killed the enemy who has murdered his father. And Song Jiang, he was a civil servant in Song Dynasty. He was modest, kind, and loyal to the government. How come he became an outlaw? Everyone who has read <&#27700;&#27986;&#20256;> can tell the reason. We know Song Jiang had a wife who was unfaithful to him, but it was not the reason that he killed her. The real one was that Yan Poxi took a very important thing from Song Jiang. Out of rage, he killed her unpurposely. No one is willing to be put in prison. So Robin Hood and Song Jiang all chose to fled away. Robin Hood hid himself in the greenwood of Sherwood forests, while Song Jiang went to Liang Mountain. They both massed a large group of people who also might have violated the laws or have been oppressed by the ruling classes. They robbed the rich and gave relief to the poor. So the two men were respected and adored by poor people, however were not tolerated and chased by the ruling classes. At last, they both returned to the society. Nowadays, their stories have been adapted for TV series or films. As to their differences, though Song Jiang was the leader of the heroes on Liang Mountain, he wasn’t
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