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Objective : Does the temperature of the water increased or decreased as the dry ice is added every 30 seconds, until 300 seconds? What reaction will it be? (Endothermic or Exothermic Reaction) Hypothesis : The temperature of the water will decreased as the dry ice is added every 30 seconds. Also, the reaction will be endothermic reaction. Reaction : CO2+H2O → H2CO3 Technique : I will prepare a bowl that can fit 1000cc water. Then measure the initial temperature of the water using Pasco sensor first. Then, I will use insulated gloves to put one dry ice every 30 seconds and see the temperature change. I will do this continuously until 300 seconds then I stop. Variable : Control - Water, 1000cc Independent - Dry ice amount, 1-10 Dependent - Temperature Background Information: Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, Co2, which can make lots of fascinating experiment. The temperature is around -109.3°F or -78.5°C. Which is good for keeping things cold, for example to keep box of ice cream cold. Dry ice is sublime faster in water rather than air. It was because the water transfers heat much more quickly to the surrounding. Either in water or air, dry ice can change its form, from solid to gas. Why you have chosen this particular technique to measure the temperature? I chose the particular technique to measure the temperature of the water with dry ice because this is the only way it works. Also, it is easier for me to do work and understand the concept. What difficulties could you encounter and what precautions may you need to take? The difficulties that I encountered during the experiment was when I needed to put a dry ice in the bowl and at the same time I needed to look at the Pasco sensor to record the data. To overcome this problem, I asked my maid to look at the Pasco sensor every 30 seconds and report to temperature data. Safety

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