Theology 101 Reflection Paper 1

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Reflection Paper 1 Introduction I believe that in Jesus claimed to be God. This is a question that creates many arguments in theology and religion, especially concerning religion and what people believe. In the Bible Jesus says that He is part of the Holy Trinity: God, Holy Spirit, and the Son (Jesus). Jesus received death threats on many occasions and still did not retract his claim. Jesus never tried to hide his miracles and always performed them where they could be seen with many witnesses. Dr. Elmer Towns says in his book, Core Christianity (What is Christianity all about?), he says, “When an individual understands the deity of Jesus––that He is God––… The miracle was His conception by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary.” Another topic that this paper will reflect on is death. In general, many people fear death, but God in the Bible says that we should not fear anything that the enemy has planned for His people, the children of God. God made us and loves us He does not want us (His children) to fear death. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice in which we do not have to fear anything. Jesus claimed to be God In the Bible, in John 10:30, it says, “I and the Father are one.” Jesus was talking to the Jews that had gathered around him to stone him and they mocked him so Jesus replied that he and God are one. Jesus also said to them that even if they did not believe he was the Son of God to believe his works so that they may understand that God is in him. (John 10:37-38) Jesus never tried to hide the fact that he is the Son of God nor did he ever do anything in secret, everything was there in plain sight for everyone to see and to believe. In the book, Core Christianity (What is Christianity all about?) by Dr. Elmer Towns, he states, “No single strength of character stands out in Him, no weakness can be seen. He had no deficiency, and didn’t have to

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