Themes in "Diving for Pearls"

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Themes in Diving for Pearls The different themes in Diving for Pearls are important in keeping the audience interested. The themes are shown through different aspects of the plot and through the characterisation of several of the characters in the play. Two of the main themes in diving for pearls are that of belonging and attitude to change. One of the main themes explored in diving for pearls is belonging. This theme is best showed through the characterisation of Verge. As soon as Verge arrives in Den’s house it is made clear that Barbara doesn’t want Verge in her life. The first indication of this is that in the stage directions Verge’s entrance is described as “one of Barbara’s worst nightmares”. Barbara further shows that she doesn’t want Verge here with her questions like “what’s that bag got in it?” and “did Marj send you here?...did she send you here?” these questions help demonstrate that Barbara is unwelcoming to her daughter. When Barbara introduces Verge to Den she simply says “this is Virginia”, Verge is strongly upset by this introduction and says “Verge. Verge. Verge. ‘Your daughter’, say.” After Verge and Den are introduced she says “Everyone else has got these mothers.” To Den, this statement clearly shows that Verge has a longing to have a closer relationship with her mother like other people have. When Barbara says that she will take her back to sunshine hostel Verge says “I don’t belong there.” She then goes on to say “I belong with you” while sitting down on her cases to indicate that she is not going to leave. Shortly after saying these things verge strokes her mother’s face and says “I love you”, Barbara dismisses this by saying that they let her watch too much television. She clearly feels no need to have a close relationship with Verge. When Den starts to say that he may be able to make some room in the house for Verge Barbara yells “NO!
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