The World We Live in Essay

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The World We Live In James Twitchell’s Two Cheers for Materialism does not state that materialism is morally wrong; rather, it observes that materialism is not something Americans should be ashamed of. According to Twitchell, “the poorest fifth of the current population buys more than the average fifth did in 1955” (Twitchell 44) In the present day, people grow up being shaped by the idea that life is about getting what you want. In his essay, Twitchell also mentions the negative aspects of materialism like “Our commercial culture has been blamed for the rise of eating disorders, the spread of ‘affluenza’...span of our youth.” (Twitchell 44). While reading this essay, I agreed with the majority of his opinions on materialism. While reading the article, I noticed how Twitchelll mentioned that “anthropologists tell us that consumption habits are gender-specific” (Twitchell 44). He then proceeds to explain that historians tell us not to stereotype since back in the day, men were the ones who would buy the expensive clothes, furniture, etc. not women. Interestingly enough, when I walk around today I see many men buying fancy clothes, nice watches and getting nice hair cuts. Although there are more women than men who are consumers, one cannot think that it is just the women who consume. Men can have the impulse to purchase objects they like; “...both sexes are powerfully attracted to the world of things.” (Twitchell 45) Today, people have the ability to express who they are through material items; be it the latest shoes, clothes or hair color. Another thing I noticed while reading the article is the ending. Although I agree with the entire essay as a whole, but the last paragraph stood out to me. Twitchell states “We have not asked to go this way, we have demanded.” (Twitchell 51) In this day and age, people are demanding stores to be built, items to be bought. If
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