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Annalyse Niles 9-20-15 Introduction to Academic Writing Professor Joyce Essay I decided to write an essay on “The Telephone” By Anwar F. Accawi. In this essay, I will talk about a beautiful, small village in Lebanon called Magdaluna. In that village, the telephone did not exist. In those days, there was no need for telephones, calendars or any other technology. Although, one day, someone decided it was time for a telephone to be installed, which meant that everyone in the town decided that they needed to use the phone, which changed the little village of Magdaluna forever. But for some little child in particular named Anwar, it changed forever, it changed not only his home but his life in general. Now, in modern time, the telephone is something that isn’t as sacred. It is more of a necessity, and a body art. When Anwar was a child, the phone did not exist. There was really no need for such a thing in Magdaluna. The only thing that told time for them was the sun. It rose and set, and the seasons went by, and they lived on and on, continuing every single day. They grew up, got married, died and the cycle continued. As quoted in the book “We lived, and loved, and toiled and died without ever needing to know what time it was.” (pg. 95). It wasn’t that they didn’t have a system, it was more natural for them. They did not have a calendar because they had the frame of god. They believed that he set a date for the droughts, earthquakes, and floods. The telephone was installed in the town, which changed the whole town forever. It changed in social ways because it gave them access to the outside world. Many men and women began to leave the village, as quoted in the essay “just like a hailstorm begins: first one, then two, and then bunches.” (pg. 100). Army took them, and jobs in the city sprouted up, calling out for them, and ships and airplanes took them farther

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