An Example Of A Restorative Justice Story

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Restorative Justice Story Two boys were close friends when they were growing up because their families lived in the same apartment building. The boys were always doing everything together. Robbie was six-teen and John was fourteen. Both John and Robbie came from a single parent family with the mom providing the necessities. With both of their moms working minimum wage jobs and never being home to support their family the children had to cook and fend for themselves on a daily basis. Neither John nor Robbie had ever tried to steal or violate any laws, but growing up below the poverty line they had always wondered what it would be like to have all the money and clothes that they wanted. One day when both Robbie and John were walking down 1st Ave in Saskatoon in front of Midtown Plaza. Robbie had come up with the idea to go into the mall, and steal from stores. Robbie’s plan was to walk into stores take clothes off the racks take them into a change room and put them on; under the clothes they already were wearing. John was leery about this idea because he had never done it before and had seen the penalties for stealing. Even though John was questioning Robbie’s thoughts he…show more content…
The judge ruled that a type of restorative justice had to be enforced so Robbie or John will never re-commit the crime. Robbie and John were sentenced to 100 hours of community service each, had to return all of the articles they stole in person. This was embarrassing because they had to confront the owner of the store and tell them that they were sorry for stealing and promised that they would never commit the crime again. Both of the boys had a ten o’clock curfew for two months and were not able to communicate with each other for a month. Due to the strict sentencing of the boys either Robbie or John would never even think about stealing ever again because now they knew the consequences and would not want to confront them ever
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