The Stars Who Beat The Bullies Essay

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“Every Sunday night, I would cry because I didn’t want to go to school the next day.” This is the case for thousands of New Zealand school students, who are affected by bullying each year. ‘The stars who beat the bullies’ is a short article written by Bryce Corbett, with four stories from present stars who fought bullying in their schooling day. Determination plays a major part in all four of the stories. Simply, the determination to fight and overcome the bullies was a key part of each of the stories. Although each star had a different story of bullying, they each fought the same fight, and had the same wish, for the bullying to stop. Some people get too torn by bullying they begin to risk anything to make it stop. A paragraph from Rebecca Breeds (Home and Away) is a brilliant example of this; “ I used to come home from school and bawl because I didn’t have a flat stomach like the other girls at school. I used to go running with my dad and I seemed to be constantly on a diet, but it was just my body shape, which no amount of starving myself was going to change. I became so desperate that after eating one night I went to the toilet and made myself vomit.” This is terrible, no one should ever have to be pushed to this point by the disconsideration of others. Never. Breeds never told anyone as a child what was happening and never got the help needed, and therefore never got over the bullies until she was out of school. Contrast this with Hazem El Masri, he never spoke a word of English on his first day of school, and was bullied from day one because of this. But he fought the bullies and stood up for himself. “I was luckier than a lot of kids who get picked on as I was able to preform on the sports field and that saved me a little bit.” Although he did not want to, he did stand up for himself and this helped him overcome the bullies. The determination to tell

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