The Shinning Mountain

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Analysis of The Shining Mountain The Shining Mountain is a fairytale written by Allison Fell which we can see by various elements: Supernaturality as seen when she is turned into a swan. Getting cursed because of rejecting a kind mans help. The curse turns out to be something positive as it leads to the Sherpa who helps the father and teaches him a lesson. The Home-Out-Home structure which starts at home where the conflict gets created it is here where the main characters departure from their home to solve the problem. When they are “out“ they pass obstacles on their path to finding the “truth” which is the climbing in this story. The last step is when they come home again the problem is solved. The story’s main character is Pangama-La who is named after a mountain by his father because he wants her to be proud and stand tall like the mountain. Pangma-La gets bullied for her name and cries about it but one day when she hear people’s opinions of her father being on BBC news planting the union jack flag on the peak of a mountain which he has done many times, she determines that she will never be simple, ordinary and disappoint her father. She vows to herself and wipes her tears of off her face. She decides to never put shame on her father that she will be successful and make him proud of her. They set of to climb the mountain, as he had promised, she was called after. According to her father she was tough as nails and would be able to handle the pressure of the altitude as they climbed higher and higher. The father saw only what he wanted to see. He didn't see how miserable his own daughter was how she didn't want to follow his footprints and only did to make him proud and make him like her; make him show affection towards her. He made him believe that she may not perhaps even be able to follow her own dreams. Throughout her whole life she had this burden

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