Controlling Men In The Awakening

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The Controlling Men of The Awakening In The Awakening, the male characters attempt to exert control over the character of Edna. None of the men understand her need for independence. Edna thinks she found true love with Robert but realizes that she can never be his because she is already married. She is trapped between her children and her love to Robert. She cannot sacrifice her children and cannot bear of not being with Robert. Edna's father and husband control her and they feel she has a specific duty as a woman. Alcee Arobin, also attempts to control Edna in his own way. Edna knows she wants freedom. She realizes this at the beginning of the book. "Mrs. Pontellier was beginning to realize her position in the universe as a human being, and to recognize her relations as an individual to the world within and about her.”(Pg. 63 ). Throughout The Awakening she is trying to gain that independence that she wants so bad. She wants to be free to love and be loved, and she craves for passion, which she never had. Her marriage is more like a business relationship and her husband is the commander in charge. The Colonel, Edna's father, is very strict. He thinks very highly of discipline. At the end of The Awakening,…show more content…
5) Leonce never asks Edna how her day is going, or how she is feeling about certain things, yet he expects her to be completely mesmerized with him and his conversations. If Edna doesn't act the way a lady should, it could ruin Leonce's business. The people of the community will look down on him if they know his wife is out of control like he thinks she is. She doesn't take care of the children, she has an artistic pastime that interferes with family duties, and she wants freedom. This could really ruin Mr. Pontellier's
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