Babette's Feast: a Comparison to the Corinthian Church

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Alice Rhodes Babette's Feast 9-25-13 Box # 259 Babette's Feast In the movie Babette's Feast the member of a small little church in a small little town of Demark are treated to a legit French dinner by a women none of them knew use to be a prestigious French chef. The beliefs of this church did not allow in the congregation satisfiable any type of earthy disciples. Because of this a person can find many similarities between this church and the early church in Corinth. The movie Babette's Feast can be compared to the early church found in Corinth because of the beliefs and divisions found at the church in this little town in Denmark. The congregation in the movie Babette's feast can be found deny themselves many different types of earthly pleasures for the sake of devoting themselves more completely to God. This can be seen especially in the lives of the two daughters. The first daughter falls for a military man, or rather the military man falls in love for her. This relationships is impossible and they both understand this and it end quickly and a painless as possible. The reason the relationship is impossible is because the military man realized he could not devote himself to the "hard" life they live in that city, a life where they deny themselves pleasure in any form; even the food they eat was bland. The second daughter was pursued by a once famous musician, but in the same way deny herself his love, and then he left their little town. The early church in Corinth seemed to be on both sides of the issue, meaning while some people were allowing themselves any type of earthly pleasure because they were spiritual beings, so it did not matter what they did with their bodies, others would not allow themselves any type of pleasure like the people in the movie. In 1 Corinthians 7:10-11, Paul speaks to the Corinthians about the latter matter. Apparently
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