The Rug-Maker of Mazar-E-Sharif Expository Piece

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War is a horrendous and terrifying event that occurs every day in different places around the globe. It’s caused by religious differences and arguments, political and communal decisions or opinions and cultural and social dislikes. Although war can seem easy and simple to escape from, the reality is that war is all around us whether it be physically violent and widespread throughout an area or country or verbally violent and small throughout a suburb or town. War is almost a way of life to some people such as through the eyes of soldiers or leaders involved with it, to the hysterical and life-changing effects it brings upon families, friends and loved ones. The Rug-maker of Mazar-e-Sharif gives a clear example of this as it shows and explains how from one side of the earth in Afghanistan then the horrible journey by boat to Australia to find refuge and safety from poverty, sickness but most of all, war. War leaves destruction wherever it leaves. The breaking and tearing of families, friendships, relationships and the pure life scars that are cut into the childhood of little kids who haven’t experienced the world, let alone experience the world as a safe human being. Najaf experiences a lot of terror with his fear deprived family and their rug making store that is under great threat by hostile Taliban and inhabitants of their town. Families are full of love and hope but to annihilate that all is a complete act of putrid evil and hate. War gives illusional rights to these inhumane beings that these acts are a part of life which they aren’t. Natural death should be the cause of all these lives, not innocent murder. War is the reason these families blood has been spilt. After all these past events, the 1800’s wars, The Boer War, WWI, WWII and The Cold War, you’d think we’d all have learnt our lesson that war was destroying people, along with the world. As always
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