The Roles of Guilt, Madness, and Suicide Within the Play

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The Roles of guilt, madness and suicide within the play Hamlet Hamlet is a great example of a story to display the themes of guilt, madness, and suicide. The three themes are used are very obviously displayed in the plot throughout the main characters actions. This is a very negative play since none of the themes above are not positive ones which can help you infer how the characters and their roles will be. In the era that Hamlet was written much before Hamlet madness was a very widely used themes in many stories and poems. Examples of madness would be found through Hamlet’s searches for honesty and his hate towards cheating and deception. This gives us a much stronger understanding of how Hamlet’s main goal throughout the play is a search for truth. Everywhere in the play Hamlet is surrounded by deception and lies, such as Claudius killing his own brother just so he could have the thrown to the kingdom and marry the old kings wife. Following very shortly after the death Gertrude also known as the dead king’s wife and Hamlets mother marries Claudius without any shame and shows no regret or sorrow towards her husband’s death as Claudius. These are examples of madness as these as not things you would expect from normal minded people in today’s society and even back then. People are sometimes faced with guilt in their lives which keeps them from living their lives normally without having flashbacks or remorse towards their past actions, wishing that they can be changed however when it is too late. An example from the play Hamlet would be when Hamlet goes to Gertrude’s chamber and insults hers for her marriage to Claudius, even after the old kings ghost tells Hamlet not to blame her for her actions. Hamlet’s advice to his mother is to not allow Claudius to do anything physically with her and not to let him lay a finger on her. More towards the end of the we see a

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