The Result of Violent Video Games

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Alexis Walker The End Result of Violent Video Games John Leo's article "When Life Imitates Video" first appeared in U.S News and World Report in 1999. In the article, Leo attempts to convince his readers that violent video gaming plays a major role in contributing aggressive behavior in adolescents and teens. I fully support his idea and I will provide the evidence to back up his claim. Leo begins his story with two high-school teens (Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris) walking into their high-school with "pistol grip shotguns". (Kirszner and Mandell 40-42). They were ready to gun down their fellow classmates and teachers, and got absolute pleasure seeing their victims suffer and die (41). After killing 12 students, 1 teacher, and injuring 21 people, (Jennifer Rosenberg 1) Klebold and Harris aimed the guns to their heads and pulled the trigger, reenacting their favorite video game “Postal”. Leo believes that our society thrives off violence and our young people are only interested in games where people die. And with unstable adolescents and teens playing these types of games, violent behavior is found to be more likely and could have possibly caused the murders at Columbine High School where Eric and Dylan attended. Dylan and Eric played the video game "Postal" constantly; Postal is a first-person shooter game that requires a lot of killing in order to advance to the next level. At the end, the gamer has to instruct the game character to kill itself in order to finish (40). This was the reason people believed Klebold and Harris decided to take their own lives. Leo spoke with a psychologist by the name David Grossman of Arkansas State University to support his claim. Grossman was also a retired Army officer. Grossman stated that "point and shoot" video games were used to train soldiers to kill, to “make killing a reflex action” (41). Therefore, violent gaming
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