The Relationship Between Poverty and High Rate of Illiteracy Essay

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The research proposal Title: The relationship between poverty and high rate of illiteracyDocument type: Research proposalAuthor: Mrs Thabang MasanaboDate: 2011 – 05 – 25I have been staying in my community for more than twenty five years. My community is poverty stricken and most people still lives in shacks and lack necessary facilities such as schools (primary and secondary), clinic, not even a single church, community hall, a park or a play ground.Children in my community travel plus-minus 9 km to attend primary school at our neighboring village and plus-minus 11 km to another village for secondary school, most of the time with empty stomach. Most parents are not literate including mine and work in nearby farms where they earn very little money. It is sad to see what is happening in my community, there is no progress, children drop out of school, children as young as 14 years are mothers – some have 2 babies, they gave themselves to older men working in farms to try to avoid poverty. Teenage pregnancy and school drop-out are very high in my community. People I schooled with are so old, torn and with no vision it is heartbreaking. I thank God and my parents’ everyday for where I am today.The study will focus on the poor, those individuals and families whose income fall below the poverty threshold and cannot afford in a sustained manner to provide their minimum needs of food, health, education, housing and other amenities of life, and illiteracy is the inability to read or write.“According to the National Department of Housing, about seven million of people live in shacks and there are over two million shacks of different of different shapes, colours and sizes in South Africa” (A special report by Sbu Zikode: Move! Magazine for women, 14 March. According to the Bill of Rights contained in the Constitution of the RSA, 1996, (Act 108 of 1996), everyone has the right

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