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Poverty in Athens, Ohio Because of poor economies and lack of education people in Athens Ohio are suffering and need help to provide, shelter, pay bills, and feed their families. Over 40 million people live in poverty in the U.S.A, and 5% out of 31% are kids in poverty. People in poverty loose many jobs like coal mining and other contractual jobs because they moved overseas or they got closed down. People in poverty need houses. When they get one, they would need money for food and utilities. Once you make a mistake it leads to others and that’s what starts a life in poverty. ¬Daniel Zimmerman was laid off from many job’s because the company he worked for always shut down or moved over seas. They said he was the best Crane worker they had and he didn’t have to…show more content…
Crista said” I like Dinosaurs and I think they are fascinating. One day I want to be a Paleontologist”. In her junior year of high school she got pregnant with Robby. Then she got pregnant with Mary Beth and had to drop out of school her senior year. Crista said “I dropped out my senior year and that’s when reality hit me”. Then she got 800$ in food stamps and a 3 year cash program from the state of Ohio. That shows when you make mistake you will make other ones and that’s how most young adults end up in poverty. Sunny Mash lives in a 4 bedroom house with 14 people because her dad got sick. Sunny and her husband sleep in a room on the floor. Their 4 kids push beds together to make big ones and sleep on them in the same room. When her dad got sick she quit her job and she had to move in with her mom and dad. She goes to a discounts store (Save a Lots) and gets generic brands of food. Then her Brother Todd moved in with his family (which made it 14) but he wouldn’t even go inside until he got sick and coughed up blood. The life of poverty is painful in every way always hoping for handouts which would probably never

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