Essay On Poverty In America

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Poverty in America has climbed to its highest since 1993. 15.1 percent of Americans currently live under the poverty line (Stanglin). People all over the United States are falling into poverty due to various reasons such as: income, student loans, mortgages, unemployment, and most importantly, lack of education. The poor are becoming poorer, and the rich are becoming richer. The poorest 40 percent of the world’s population accounts for 5 percent of global income, and the richest, 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of the world’s income (Shah). Lack of education has caused people to settle for low paying jobs, or in most cases, unemployment. Part of the reason why students lack interest in school is because of the environment. Some students…show more content…
Joblessness and persistent unemployment continues to drive the poverty rate higher. The economic damage extends to the broader workforce and the country in general, through lost wages, income and wealth, as well as higher poverty. The national unemployment rate is currently 9.1%, and it has been at or above 8.8% for the past 28 months. The underemployment rate has remained between 15.7% and 17.4% since the spring of 2009, and it currently stands at 16.1% (Mishel). Because of the current state the economy is in, it has been difficult for people to earn a decent paycheck or even sometimes find a job to support their families. Therefore many have become poverty stricken and wind up living in the streets. The American government was merely created to serve one purpose and that purpose is to serve the people faithfully and thoroughly. This idea may seem so simple, but has shown to be very difficult. If the government was created to help the people, why have so many people struggled and suffered under this kind of leadership. The answer is that the government is putting most of its effort in protecting the citizens from foreign enemies, rather than focusing its eye on the very common and closest enemy rotting the lives of the people at home,
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