Poverty and Children in the United States

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Poverty and Children in the United States United States has always been looked at as the richest country in the world. Other countries have taken us as their example in economics. Unfortunately poverty in recent years especially among children has reached its highest. Many children face poverty because of the economic downfall and their parent’s helplessness from lack of jobs and education. Recent studies have shown that 36% of all people in poverty are children. 42% of those children live in low income families and one in five of those young children live in poor families (National Center for Children in Poverty, 2010). The statistics provided by National Center for Children and Poverty are alarming. This study shows that 32% of the white infants and toddlers, 68% of the black and as high as 70% of American Indian infants and toddlers live in low income families. Many of those children are not provided with necessity nutrition for healthy development. (National Center for Children in Poverty, 2010) Many of these children also lack health insurance and residential stability. Infants and toddlers are the most effected victims of poverty. They are most likely to suffer from starvation and death due to health issues resulting from lack of nutrition and medical help. Infants because of their dependence and need of care suffer from being left alone or with insufficient caregivers. They often go to bed hungry and wake up to little or no food resulting in health complications. Many of these children have mental disorders and delays due to lack of nutrition leaving them hurt for life. Proper nutrition and socialization is vital for proper development of infants and toddlers. Many families in the United States suffer from lack of job stability. This affects their ability to provide nutritious food and stable environment for their children. Many adults living in poverty

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