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What is Child Poverty, its Key Causes and Impacts? TAQ 1 – Essay preparation The term poverty has been shown on television, television commercials, magazine, radio etc to show us world famine in other parts of the world. We often associate this with lack of food, water, clothing, homes, school/education, diseases and children dying sometimes from curable diseases. In the United Kingdom poverty look very different. Peter Townsend is a Sociologist and is one of the founders of CPAS’s, in 1979 Townsend defined poverty as people and families who lack basic things in life such as food and types of diet, not good living conditions and facilities. In the UK poverty it is caused by a range of factors which work together and result in inadequate resources. We examined how people perceive child poverty and how growing up in poverty affects children. It also addresses some of the underlying causes of child poverty. Findings • More children experience poverty than previously thought. Official measures put the number of children living in poverty at 20% but this study shows that 38% of children have experienced poverty at least once in their lives. • Children move in and out of poverty, but a significant number 12% remain in persistent poverty for three years or longer. • Poor outcomes for young children may also be the result of a family's size or parents' health and education, and often these factors go hand in hand with poverty. • Children that grow up in bad housing face a number of other disadvantages, including negative impacts on their health, education and social interactions. • Having a family bread winner does not guarantee that a child stays out of persistent poverty,7% of couples with one parent in work experience persistent poverty. • The causes of poverty may have been misunderstood by the general public. This study shows
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