The Relationship Between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth

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We will be discussing the way in which Shakespeare has used the character of Lady Macbeth to insult Macbeth; we are also expanding on how this affects the audience. This will include certain techniques and ways in which to bring across several ideas that influence the audience that is listing to this play. Shakespeare uses the idea of Macbeth on a battle field having the desire and willing him to go for it, but he contradicts this by being afraid to kill someone. ‘Art thou afeard to be the same in thine own act and valour as thou art desire?’ Shakespeare uses this to state, that Lady Macbeth is evil and that she wants this more than Macbeth himself. The audience feels that she is the predominant person in the relationship and that she can make him do what she wants, also he has no control, like the image they would think of him. Shakespeare uses the stereotypical idea that soldiers are naturally used to killing people, but in this case, to a relative he is not this, then it shows that actually Macbeth has second thought on the idea of killing his relative. This sentence is merely an indirect way that Lady Macbeth pressure’s Macbeth into to doing this act of horror. ‘As thou art desire’ this is stating that he is afraid of his desires, that he is pressured into showing that he is not. Shakespeare uses a contradiction of idea to really show weather Macbeth really loves her. ‘From this time such I account thy love’ The reader may feel that there love may fall apart or that she is thinking about what he has done and the affects. He is using a contradiction this is stating several ideas – which she thinks she has given more of her love and affection to this than he has, which in this instance is unusual as he is going to be king not her. Secondly, this shows how that lady Macbeth is desperate for the power which will come from this. Shakespeare shows how brutal

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