Who Is Lady Macbeth In Control

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Lady Macbeth is the wife to the plays protagonist Macbeth. I would consider lady Macbeth as not being such a conventional Elizabethan woman being that women in this time where seen as weak and unable to control manly situations however lady Macbeth is shown to be strong and In control of Macbeth which was unheard of in Elizabethan times. An Elizabethan audience would react highly to the sight of a woman being in control of a man because it was seen to be not right to for a woman to be in control being that a man would normally be in control of a woman. The audience will be shocked an astonished by the way in which lady Macbeth acts. However a modern audience will not react as highly as an Elizabethan audience would, as now day’s people are more familiar to women being powerful of different places within society.…show more content…
I believe that she has a bad influence on Macbeth being that she led Macbeth in to a bad situation. lady Macbeth is always trying to over take Macbeth on the great chain of being .women in Shakespearean times where considered to have to work under men and where not allowed to take part in manly activities also lady Macbeth wished to be famous so when the news of Macbeth being told by the witches that he shall be king al her dreams flashed before her eyes being that she was expecting Macbeth to overhaul king Duncan in the great chain of being she then wished to overhaul men and the royalty as well, she saw her self as stronger and more powerful then Macbeth and she used love to guide him in to the grasps of the witches and the
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