Cruelty And Masculinity In Macbeth

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In Shakespeare’s Macbeth the relationship between cruelty and masculinity is contrary to most other works of art. This play portrays women to be manipulative, violent, and evil. Macbeth, the play, breaks away from the stereotype that men are the sinister ones and shows that evil can, and does, come in many different forms. Lady Macbeth is the greatest evil in the play and is the mastermind behind all of Macbeth’s evil deeds. While Macbeth does the actual murdering, his actions and thoughts imply that he does not really want to kill Duncan or Banquo. After Macbeth murders Duncan he whispers, “Macbeth hath murdered sleep…” This means that Macbeth has killed his innocence and he feels regret for that. Also, once he returns from Duncan’s chamber
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