Aspects Of Power In Macbeth

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Melany Chavez Mr. Sobolewski September 26. 2013 “The Aspect of Power” Power can change people; it’s a rush of energy they get inside. Power is the ability to act. To have skill and the natural ability to do something and even taking a risk to get what you want. Once power has reached the wrong hands it can be abused. Macbeth is a man who shows the terrible effects of ambition, guilt, and the lacks strength. To gain his power he commits murder, he has a weak mindset, and he lets his fear take over him. In “Macbeth” Macbeth gains power by having the urge to kill. The more he does it the more he feels it gets easier to do and the more he thinks he needs to do it to get what he wants, which is to become king. Macbeth starts off by murdering…show more content…
He is easily influenced. He showed he is willing to do anything to become king. Macbeth was convinced he would become king but not told he would be for only a short amount of time. He is peer pressured into doing all these things and in the end he dies from everything he wanted to accomplish by gaining his power the wrong way. “Look like the innocent flower but be a serpent under it” (I.v, 72-73) Lady Macbeth says to him trying to encourage him that that is the only way he will become king is to be deceit. Fear is a natural instinct and an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief of something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Your breath accelerates. Your heart races. Your muscles tighten. Macbeth gains power by fear. He’s scared when Lady Macbeth tells him to kill the king and he hesitates to do it because of his and Duncan’s relationship. Macbeth has a fear of getting caught and having to hearing what the people have to say. Fear can do anything to a person. Fear is what motivates him to become king. “What done cannot be undone” (V.ii, 71-72) Even the smallest gain of power can change a person. It’s a rush, an intense feeling. Macbeth has no mercy. He kills, lets people manipulate him, and lets his fear control his actions “The greater the power the more dangerous the abuse.” (Edmund

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