The Queen's Role in United Kingdom

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POLITICS AND GOVERNMENTAL ISSUES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM The United Kingdom, as a kingship, has different governmental and constitutional system from our country. This paper’s aim is to criticize these systems and exemplify the differences between Turkey and the United Kingdom in terms of govermental and politics in the lights of “The Queen” and “The Iron Lady”. First of all, England’s government is called a Parliamentary Monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of this Monarchy. They describe their this system as “Queen in the Monarch”. Margaret Thatcher becomes the United Kingdom’s most known and controversial prime minister in the history. Also, she is the first woman who became prime minister in the western countries. At the beginning of the “The Iron Lady”, it can be understood that Margaret is the daughter of groceryman. This young lady is not taken seriously first. However, after getting married to businessman who falls in love in with her, she begins to dedicate her life to her country. Day by day, with the help of members of the cabinet, she improves all her qualifications like rhetoric and persuation skills. She and her cabinat begins to believe in Thatcher. However, her husband thinks that she is being too greedy for being a Prime Minister and sacrifices her family to the community. But, Margaret Thatcher is so ambitious that she doesn’t give up and becomes Prime Minister. Secondly, when “The Iron Lady” is being examined, it can be understood that everthing begins well at the begining. However, thanks to Thatcher’s rigid attitudes towards peoples of The United Kingdom, the country lives its highest unemployment rate in their history. Apart from this, production nearly stops and honest people begin not to make money just because of their honesty. People begin to revolt against Thatcher’s movements. In the middle of the country, a lot of rebellions
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