The Gift of Migi

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Mrs. Kobylinski Essay 22 February 2015 Mathilde Compared To Della In The “Gift of the Magi” author O.Henry writes about Della a woman who sacrifices something to make her husband happy. In contrast “the Necklace” Author Guy de maurassart tells a story about Mathilde Loisel a selfish woman whose husband cared so much about her he was willing to do anything to make her happy. A similar is they both are poor and have little money. However Della tries to make the most of her money and Mathilda spends all the money they have. Della is selfless and caring about her money but Mathilda is selfish and self-centered with her money. In the first short story, Della is a caring woman who loves her husband and want to make him happy. Della shows this when she is selfless and cut her hair. “Will you buy my hair asked Della … twenty dollars said Madame” (O.Henry105). This shows that Della is willing to do anything to make her husband happy. Secondly she is caring with her money. She shows this when she ransacked the store for her husband’s chain, “She found it at last… it was a platinum fob chain simple and crate in design… she know that is must be Jims” (O.Henry106). This show that she want her husband to like his best. Della hair is not the most important thing to her her husband is. On the other hand Mathilde charter in “The Necklace” cares more about social class then money. She shows this when she asked for money to buy a dress. “Finally she answered hesitatingly, “I’m not sure exactly but I think with four hundred francs I could manage it… However he said All right I’ll give you four hundred francs” (Guy de Maupassant222).this show that she cares what other people thick about her. Secondly she is self-center with her money. She shows this when she has to buy her friend a new necklace that she lost and was fake. “Loisel has eighteen thousand francs he had
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