The Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

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Designer babies have been a new and researched topic within the last couple of years. People have been genetically altering their children for a multitude of different reasons, including gender choice, preventing diseases, and choosing certain genetic qualities. Designer babies have been being tested among scientists for a few years now, but technology was not relevant before the 2000’s. Scientists have long been trying to perfect the technology for many years since then. In the past few years, there have been many debates about whether scientists and doctors should be helping people genetically alter their children's genes. Many people think that is is very unethical, and can be harmful to the child’s health, but many believe it would be better. The past, present, and future have all been very helpful to the scientific procedures and research on designer babies. There has been much debate surrounding whether parents should be allowed to alter their…show more content…
(Regalado 2016). One point that Mike Steere from CNN makes is that we could quite literally choose our babies from a catalog. You could sit down with a book full of pictures of babies and children, and pick which traits you like best, and literally order your baby. Steere uses the line “Does this sound like a scary thought?” (Steere 2008). Many people do not find it morally or ethically wrong to design a baby just fit into the parents’ wants. People would spend, again, hundreds of thousands of dollars just to have an athletic girl with blonde hair. Designer babies have created this large debate amongst the scientific world as well as on the
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