The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses

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Summary The Prisoner Who Wore Glassesis a story about racism in Africa. The story has two main characters. Brille is a black political prisoner because he probably protested or did something the government didn’t want him to do. Brille is part of Span One, a group of black political prisoners, works the cabbage fields on a farm for prisoners. One day he causes a trouble with a new warder, Hannetjie; this is also a trouble for his span. Hannetjie starts the story as a stickler, who pays much more attention than do previous warders. When Warder Hannejtie is introduced, Brille immediately notices he is different from the other warders, who would ignore rule breaking and certain problems that span one had, and Brille says, “We’re in for trouble this time, comrades.” Upon the end of the story, we see that Brille searches for solace because he doesn’t listen to the guards at all, he constantly steals and breaks almost all the rules of the prison, and he eventually blackmails the guard and strikes a deal with him so that they can finally have a good guard. The two main points that arise from this short story are point-of-view and character. The point-of-view is third person limited. The two characters Brille and Hannetjie are both major characters, however Hannetjie is a dynamic character and Brille is a static character. These few points are very important because they affect and change the story’s outcomes. The point-of-view affects the story because it allows readers to learn that Brille and Hannetjie have similar situation as they both have families. After Brille is beaten for eating cabbage that is supposed to be sold, he starts to think of how his children would beat on each other. He wonders how his family is without him. On the other hand, Hannetjie has family problems that he is unable to keep his farm running because they cannot afford it. Hannetjie then
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