The Power Of Choice

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According to the Oxford dictionary a choice is the right, power or opportunity to select from a number of possibilities. Choices are decisions people make every second of everyday and making a choice is probably one of the most complicated and challenging things a person can face. In life we can choose our friends, religion, professions and how we treat others while in turn shaping our destinies. Jean Nidetch once said and I quote “It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny”. This is true because we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime. Jim Rohn also made it clear that what we give is what we receive when saying “The world breathes on us and each of us, in return, breathes onto the world. If a man chooses to mistreat others with his evil nature, he will in return be mistreated, but, if he chooses to touch the lives of others they will in turn touch his and he my friend, will be destined for greatness”. If a friend of yours asks you to help them rob a bank and you accept to knowingly commit a crime the only result of this action is you spending years of your life in prison. The choice to do wrong in the end will cost you both your freedom of choice and your family and loved ones emotional stress. The choice to do wrong is being made by the young people in today’s society. With all of the robberies, murders, assaults and rapes being carried out what will their futures and the future of The Bahamas entail? In some situations we may become so exceedingly blinded by our fury or absorbed by some other villainous thoughts that we do not even think twice about making the wrong choice. It is sometimes hard to realize that the same instance it takes to commit an act of violence is no longer than it requires to destroy your whole future. Because we are gifted by
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