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Last week I visited Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. I wanted to see the tallest and the most popular building there: The Palace of Culture and Science. I learned that it is the eighth tallest building in the European Union, and the world's 187th tallest building. It is 237 meters tall, and originally its name was Joseph Stalin’s Palace. This building was made of concrete, steel and glass and it was constructed in years 1952-1955 by an architect Lev Rudnev. It has 42 floors and covers the area of 123084 square meters. This building was a gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland. The tower was constructed using Soviet plans. It was also built by 3500 workers from the Soviet Union. Maybe this is why people in Poland don’t like this building. They say that it reminds them of the Soviet domination till 1989. An interesting fact is that in 2000 four clocks were added to the top of the Palace and now it is the second tallest clock tower in the world. I especially liked the terrace on the 30th floor (placed at 114 meters) where I could admire a breath-taking view of the city of Warsaw. There are 3288 rooms in the Palace and many of them are theatres, cinemas, art galleries, museums, offices, bookshops and a large conference hall. I found out that the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw has a few funny names given by the Warsaw people. For example, PEKIN (because of the first letters PKiN), PAJAC (because it is similar to Pałac) and the Russian Wedding Cake. To sum up, I must say that this Palace is an extraordinary building in Poland and it is definitely worth seeing. bibliography:

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